Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Review: Samantha Sanderson On the Scene

The second book in an exciting series about a girl with dreams to become an investigative journalist, each book promises to touch on a crime straight from the headlines, while also tackling tough issues faced by middle-schoolers everywhere.

A new addition to the Faithgirlz! trusted brand of books introduces readers to Sam Sanderson, an independent, resourceful, tech-savvy cheerleader and aspiring journalist, and Sam's best friend Makayla. They're ordinary 7th graders who enjoy shopping, texting, and going to the mall-along with sniffing out the next big mysteries to report in the school paper.

As Samantha and the rest of the middle schoolers prepare for the upcoming Spring Fest, "mean girl" Nikki faces the reality that her parents are getting divorced. It's hard for Samantha to sympathize because of Nikki's unkind reputation. But when Nikki becomes victim of a string of attacks, Samantha takes it upon herself and her super sleuth abilities to get down to the bottom of the bullying.

My Review:
My oldest daughter is ten.  I gave her this book to read.  She absolutely loved the Riley Mae series from Faithgirlz. She really loved this one as well.  My daughter does not usually enjoy reading, but these books have helped her start to enjoy reading.  She now says that she is starting to like reading as long as she likes the book.  I will definitely be purchasing the first book in this series and am sure that she will enjoy it also!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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