Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Review: Get Your Story Straight (teen/young adult devotional)

Get Your Story Straight

Get Your Story Straight (New Growth Press, October 2015)
What’s your story?
We all tell stories to each other–stories about what happened when we were kids, stories about last night, and stories where we dream about the future. Some stories are funny, some are amazing, others are sad, but they all have something in common–each of us is the hero of our own story. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams take center stage. But when it’s all about you, it’s also all up to you. You have to make life work, find meaning, and hope for the best even when you mess up or things go badly wrong.
But what if we were made for something different? What if the main character in our life story isn’t us, but it is the God who became like us and is now with us? What if being fully human means knowing him and growing to be like him? What if the way to be fully alive is to be caught up in Jesus’s story?
This 52-week devotional book and small group resource is designed to help you live with Jesus in his gospel story–the good news that your sins are forgiven, your future is assured, and following him is the only meaningful way to live. No matter your age, where you live, who your family is, or what your past, God wants you to experience the freedom that comes in being secure in his love.
Divided into three parts, starting with creation, each section progressively explores the idea that the whole Bible is the unfolding story of Jesus. Through this grid, who Jesus is and why we need him will shape your understanding of freedom and grace and how you grow to be like him. This yearlong study for teenagers and young adults is designed for individual devotional times, but a small group discussion guided by a mentor would help participants to absorb and live out the truths of each week’s teaching.
Kristen Hatton
Kristen Hatton is a native Texan now putting roots down in Edmond, OK with her church-planter/pastor husband and their three children. With a public relations background from Southern Methodist University, Kristen has a wide array of professional experiences, none of which she counts as important as the job of being a “present” mom. Through leading a small group Bible study of teenagers, she has discovered her passion for teaching and writing about God’s grace.

My Review:
First of all, the layout of this book is wonderful!  I love how it is broken down into three parts and then broken down further into small sections.  It would be a tremendous devotional or Bible study for teens and young adults.  I plan to have my daughter go through it in a couple years when she will be old enough to really grasp the concepts and teachings.  It is very well written, enjoyable and extremely engaging.  I love that the principle of the book (in my opinion) is that your life was created and is designed for God.  It is yours to live, but the purpose is to glorify Him and live a life that shares His story with others no matter what you do.  It would make a wonderful Christmas present for the teen or young adult in your life!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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