Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: Born to be Awkward

From the folks who brought us the bestselling Awkward Family Photos series comes a tribute to those awkward early years of life.
Our first few years are the most photographed time of our lives. Our parents document every milestone and then feel compelled to share these photos with the world. The only problem is, we haven't developed our motor skills and can't control our faces, or any other parts of our body for that matter. This, of course, leads to some of the most hilarious and unexpected family pictures. From our first post-delivery scowl, to our first throw-up, and yes, even to our first bikini--Born to Be Awkward is a celebration of what is literally the most uncomfortable stage of life.

My Review:
Oh my goodness!!  Awkward family photos are my favorite!  I just cannot stop laughing when I see them.  There are several that have lasting impressions in my memory and I can easily recall ones that crack me up.  
This book has added several to my memory!  It is filled with hilarious photos of families and babies being completely.... awkward!  The end of the book has captions with empty spots for your family photos to join the awkward book.  I love that idea!  
If you need a great laugh, you should definitely check out this book!  

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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