Wednesday, September 19, 2012

90Day Gluten Free for PCOS Check-In#2

Week 2 eating gluten free was ok.  I'm missing my bread and bready type foods!  Haha!  I lost another 2.2 pounds so total I am down 8.4 pounds.  So that is encouraging, but I am still not working out like I should be. 

This week I will get 45 minutes of cardio in.  That might not sound like much, but I know once I start I won't really stop.  I'm like that, until I stop and don't start again.

I am beyond broken out.  I really look like my 14 year old self.  My chin is a bumpy mess and I am shocked by it.  Not a positive for the gluten free.  I was really hoping and thinking that if I did have an allergy it would kind of "cleanse" my body to be done with it.  But, maybe my hormones are actually getting back into sync and so I broke out.  I don't know.  That would be great! 

I'm still soo excited that Chipotle, chocolate and Dr.P are gluten-free!  And I've found a few sweet recipes that I will try for the holidays if I keep this up past 90 days!

Ohhh... Chex cereal has 4ish kinds that are gluten-free and 2 that are not, but I love the honey and nut one.  And I made Chex-krispie treats, just like rice krispie treats and they were delicious!!!

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