Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brothers and Sisters Closest Thing to Marriage Experience

The other day on the radio I heard a man say that the relationship between siblings is the closest thing to the relationship between a husband and a wife.
I loved that and had never thought of that before. 
He said they share a sink in the morning when they might feel like punching them.  I am completely paraphrasing.  :)  But the example that you learn to get along with someone that you live with every single day really made sense to me. 
You learn to share your space, your time, your belongings.
You learn to get along and deal with issues or else you realize you will be stuck being miserable.
You learn to talk and express yourself with someone who most likely does not see things the way you do. 
You learn to depend on eachother, ask for help and offer help. 
You learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. 
What valuable skills for marriage!  All of those are so neccessary for a strong, healthy relationship. 
I also think that these things are true and that you get a great learning period with same gender siblings, but definitely boys learning better to understand girls and vice versa definitely is a plus! 
Had you ever thought of the sibling relationship like this? 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Before E Except....

The English language is a crazy, ridiculous thing.  Really. 
I am pretty great at English, spelling and all those crazy grammar rules (no, you cannot tell from my blog because here I write like I talk and I like it like that), but it took years of practice. 
Anddd... now I have to teach those crazy things to my daughter!!
For example:

  • "I before E except after C unless it's in neighbor or weigh."  and actually any other word that rhymes with neighbor or weigh like sleigh, freight, etc.  Oh, but scIEnce is some weird exception. 
  • There are so many words that are spelled exactly the same but for some reason when they take on a different meaning we sound them out differently.
    • Wind up the toy. 
    • The wind was strong today.
    • The object is trash.
    • The judge objected.
    • The present was wrapped.
    • Present the gift.
  • Words with OO can be sounded out at least 4 different ways.
    • book, foot, hood
    • boom, doom, noon
    • floor, door
    • flood, blood
  • Words with silent letters.
    • gnat, know, knee, psychology, debt, hour, listen
  • Words that contain "ough" but don't sound the same.
    • bough, trough
    • thought, bought
    • through
    • though, dough
    • cough
    • enough, tough
  • Words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.
    • seen, scene
    • their, they're, there
    • isle, I'll aisle
    • ail, ale
    • hear, here
  • How we pluralize things.
    • mouse=mice
    • goose=geese
    • moose=moose
    • person=people
    • dog=dogs
    • cat=cats
Ok, well I'm done for now :) 

Did I mention though that I am such a huge sucker for punctuation, spelling and grammar?  I mean to the point that I will avoid going to a place if I get their ad and they have spelling or grammatical errors.  Really.  :)  (I better really spell check this baby before I hit post!)

Photo: What habits do you have that help improve your writing online?

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Photo: Most of the time these are typographical errors, but they are easy to fix.

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Photo: Double negatives are OK (even necessary) in a lot of other languages, but not in English.

For more about double negatives visit: http://bit.ly/dblngtives
Photo: Though snarky, this is a great opportunity to remind people that the past simple tense of "see" is "saw." (I saw, you saw, he/she saw, etc.) 

"Seen" is used with perfect forms, like "I have seen" or "they had seen."
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For another take on punctuating the male perspective, check out http://blog.grammarly.com.
Is there anything that you teach that just frustrates you and makes you want to laugh that "I'm going crazy laugh"?  HAHAHAHA!!  (did you hear the craziness)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

90Day Gluten Free Announcement

Here is where it started and why. 
This was check-in #1 and this is check-in #2. 
I was supposed to check-in every week.  Yes, I'm not so good at that.
So here is an update.
Going gluten-free changed my life.  Dramatic?  Yes, but deserving of the drama?  ABSOLUTELY! 
I went solidly good at going g-free for 3 weeks when I got my period.  I also lost about 10 pounds at this point and my enormously bloated stomach was gone!
29 days later, with a couple cheating times, I got my period again.  Now, not so shocking for you normal cycled women, but this hasn't happened to me (naturally) in at least 3-4 years.  Years. 
26 days later, I got my period again. 
Now, from the time I got my first period at 11 I had a completely perfect schedule every 28 days almost to the hour.  But, I was thrilled at taking this 26-29 day cycle.  Completely thrilled.
Except... I tried really hard to get pregnant every time I thought I was ovulating.  And after 3 months of my period I was a little disappointed with not being pregnant. 
Until, I did pretty badly at being g-free for the last month and when my period did not come I thought, "Great.  I was doing so good and this totally proves that I need to buckle down and stay g-free.  Here's to another month of no period which means no ovulating."
But then I took another test a few days later and....
I'm pregnant! 
When you fight with God about babies and when your heart is stomped into dust constantly over infertility, you feel completely undeserving of a pregnancy when it comes along.  At least I do. 
So, g-free, is right for me!!  And maybe it is right for you also although I am not a doctor!!  I'll do a baby update soon!!
Do you or anyone you know eat g-free?  For what reasons?

Growing Home

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

God Keeps Breaking Me...

and my love for people.  I am a trusting, honest, wear my heart on my sleeve (most of the time) kind of girl who gets attached to people way to quickly.  Attached meaning I think often of people I have known, whether for a short time or for years, and wonder how they are and what their life is becoming. 
I don't really think the attached thing is a good thing.  Maybe that's why I facebook stalk?!?!  Just kidding.  Ok, I'm not.  :)
At work yesterday, my heart was broken again because of my easy, quick, attached love for people.  It really is a long, stupid story that probably would mean nothing to most people, but I sat at work for 4 hours on the verge of tears the entire time.  When I first got to work, I had to go to the bathroom and cry and when I left work I cried on the way home.  Basically, one woman, who was my favorite, stabbed me in the back. 
I was shocked.  I have said that my job bottom line stinks major big time, but the people made up for it.  I loved the people I worked with.  They made it ok.
But, God broke me in that department... again. 
Do I think it is wrong to love people?  Absolutely the opposite.  We are commanded to love our brothers and sisters. 
Do I think it is wrong to trust people automatically?  Maybe.  I never want to be an untrusting person, who doubts everyone.  I want to trust, but really I need to learn (again and again it seems) that I can only trust God.  He is the only one I can ever fully depend on or expect to be honest. 
Do I think it is wrong to get attached to people?  Probaby in the way I do.  I mean I'm not crazy, hahaha, but I really think that I invest too much of my heart into people when I shouldn't be.
My whole life I have had relationships break my heart, because we are flawed people.  We are not perfect so our relationships are not.  Our actions and words are not, but God's are. 
God is the one who is always there for us.  God is the one who always loves us.  God is the one who never stabs us in the back.  God is the one I should be working toward impressing, loving fully, living for and working for. 
So until I get this right in my life, I'm pretty sure He will keep breaking me for Him.

Is there something that God continues to break you of so you strengthen your relationship with Him?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Where I've Been and Some New Year's Resolutions

I love to write and I love my blog.  It has really just been a great venting/sharing/updating space for me and I miss it.  I mentioned that I got a job and I really don't work that many hours but I am gone 5 nights a week and all Saturday morning.  That does not leave much time for blogging.  I have promised my husband, Mike, that I will leave the end of February. 
Books, books, books!  I do not mean for my blog to be a huge book review... but I signed up to review those books so I have to.  I will be starting another blog soon just for those reviews and I will only share the ones I love or only share 1 day a week on this blog. 
My resolutions include many things and I have not even started them this year... it is the 7th... I know.  :)  But I love new years and I love fresh starts especially after the not to enjoyable year we had last year. 
One of my resolutions is to blog more often and regularly-as in 5 days a week.  I will start that resolution now!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Review: Everything Christmas

Everything Christmas
I love Christmas.  Love.  Love.  Love it!  If you also love Christmas, you will love this book!  It is filled with carols, recipes, poems and stories.  I love reading the carols and learning all of the "correct" words.  I really enjoy the recipes and short stories also.  This is just a great Christmas book filled with little bits to make your season more festive and joyful.
I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest opinion, which I gave.