Monday, September 10, 2012

90Day Gluten Free Check-In #1

Here is where I explain why I am doing this challenge. 

Sunday night I went through some things in our pantry that were not gluten free and that would not be eaten (any time soon) by my husband or daughter. It included mostly canned soups. I printed off lists of what you can't eat and I can't find my great site for what you can eat, but might not be quite sure of... I'll try to find it. 

Before :o
SOOO bloated (&fat)!

Much less bloated!  Can you see a difference?

After 1 week

I've got to mention that posting those pics sure takes alot!  Haha!  Those are not the most flattering clothes by any means but in a few weeks hopefully they will be much better.  I am pretty serious about true before and after photos!!  ;)

Monday: Pretty simple.  I only missed my green Doritos, which my husband ate to get rid of them. ;)
-Dinner was: stuffed smashed potatoes, chicken breasts, green beans 

Tuesday: Another great day.  I'm kind of starting to miss bread, although losing 3.6 pounds in one day is pretty exciting.  I expect it is a fluke, since I can usually vary 1-3 pounds every day.  The real test will be the end of the week.  I got a few coupons for some gluten free bread and tortillas.  I'll let you know how they taste once I try them!
-My spinach, acai berry and strawberry smoothie is growing on me.  I think the acai berry is just not my favorite taste and so far no help on the staying fuller longer, but we will see!
-Chicken and brown rice crockpot style but no cream soup because that is not gluten-free.  The rice was pretty gross in my opinion, but it was my daughter's favorite.  Funny how that works!?!?

Wednesday: Woke up to another 3 pounds lost!!  Quite exciting!  I used to drink just cold from my fridge water with no ice, but did you know that drinking ice water actually burns calories... not a significant amount per glass but it adds up!
Thursday: Seriously disappointing trip to the grocery store.  I was so excited since I had printed out several coupons for gluten free bread and tortillas.  I got to the store and with the coupons bread was still $5.00+ for a small loaf.  Seriously?!?!  I could not get myself to spend 3 times as much as I do for a regular loaf that is twice the size!  So no bread.  And no tortillas for the same reason.  Big, huge BUMMER!!  I bought roast beef from the deli, after I tried a super thin slice, and realized that the only ingrediant I couldn't read on the list before I bought it was the one that was on the "maybe" list.  I'm sure it's fine, but I haven't eaten any more :( 
Friday: We went to Boston's since I had a free pizza coupon.  I got the gluten free pizza but was seriously worried I would hate it since I have major new food and weird taste issues, haha!  But it was great... just like thin crust and definitely helped my bread/pizza cravings!!
Saturday, Sunday: slight up and downs on the scale.  I am seriously exhausted this week, which isn't helping my pro-gluten-free cause. 
Pros: Total loss of 6 pounds this week and I feel much less bloated.  I am getting the hang and idea of gluten free stuff.  Not crazy hard, except for when things are on the "maybe" list.  This has made me quite a bit more conscious of what I am eating in a great way!
Cons: I miss my bread and pancakes and pizza.  Andddd... I was really, really tired all week.   

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