Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess and Lessons With Grandma

We went to dinner at my grandma's and grandpa's the other night.  It was great spending time with them and nice to not have to make dinner!  We ate and then began our usual game playing.  My grandma taught me how to play so many games growing up.  When I would stay for the summer or Christmas break we played games or did crafts about 80% of the time. 
She always got right down on the ground and played like she still does with my daughter.  It melts my heart to see it.  She had a wonderful grandmother growing up, who played on the floor with her and devoted hours to game playing.  My grandma told me that she was her inspiration to be a great mother and grandma.  She definitely is the best and I will always treasure her and our memories spent playing games. 
I have 3 grandmas and although they all have special, unique qualities, this grandma is the only one who has ever gotten down on my level and poured herself into just spending time with me.  It is a lesson that I try to embrace always.  To be in the moment and to through yourself into your loves.
What on earth is the fascination with bunny ears??
I just don't get it.

All Pretty, Pretty Princessed up!!  She was the winner!

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