Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not A Book Review and A Job

So, yes, I have lots of book reviews on my blog.  I don't really like it because I don't really like all of the books, but I sign up to review them and so I do.  I will be filtering out the ones that I don't want on here.  I like to read other's reviews, but I do not like there being a million of them! 

We have been very busy lately.  I will write about that soon.  And hopefully I will be writing much more consistently if I plan ahead! 

But, one thing that has made me super duper busy is that I got a job!  Oh my goodness!  Like a real, leaving the house to collect a paycheck kind of job.  And I absolutely dislike it.  I am sooo thankful for the job, as we have really taken on too much lately and need the extra income for Christmas, etc.  It is 6 days a week, yes, 6. days. a. week.  Every night from 5-9 and on Sat from 9-2pm.  It takes up so much of my valuable time with my family.  But, again, I couldn't feel more blessed to have the job. 

Doing what?  This is an even bigger omg(osh)!  It is basically a telemarketing job.  Hahahah!  Never in my life did I seriously think I would harass people for a living. 

So next time when you answer your phone and someone is trying to do their job by talking to you, just be nice and say, "I'm not interested, but thanks."  And I will say, "I don't blame you.  I hate when people call me also.  Thanks and have a great night!"

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