Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Husband Doesn't Want Me To Work

I've finally come to that conclusion. 
He doesn't want me to work.
Oh, he likes to mention job opportunities to me... usually ones that I am not qualified for, but he really wants me home. 
I've nannied before and that seems to work out the best for me, but now being pregnant and having Kassidy also I don't seem to be a super attractive potential nanny, which I understand.
Anddd.... really Mike has been ok with me nannying because 1) the money is pretty good 2) the hours have worked out well 3) we were either at my house and/or their house was close-by and 4) we have been blessed with some pretty good "employers" (and then there were the craaazzy ones).
I just recently quit my awful job about 2 months ago and while I miss the money tremendously, I am so happy to be back home when I should be as that job was in the evenings.
I don't really know if Mike would completely admit that he wants me home, but I know it.
He likes me home during the day since we homeschool and are adding a baby to the family that will not be going to any childcare places.

He likes me home during the day also because it makes our evenings (usually) less chaotic.
He likes me home at night because he likes me home.  Hahaha.  He loves to watch tv together, eat together and just be together.  Plus, we have activities in the evening like sports, etc. 
So although we would absolutely love and really do need the income, my being home is more important. 

I've looked for jobs and been offered jobs in the past year or so and it does nothing but create fights between us.  Either it's too far, it's not enough money to be worth it, it's a "strange" job, it's hours he doesn't like, etc. etc. etc. 
Being home is where I feel I should be and if something comes up to make some money in a way that we both agree on that would be a huge blessing, but I really feel like being home is the biggest blessing ever.  :)
What about you?  Do you work outside the home?  How does your husband feel about it?

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