Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Organize or Not To Organize

That is the question in my life right now.  Ok, it has been a huge question in my life for my whole entire life. 

I actually believe that organizing comes somewhat naturally to me.  If I walk into someone else's house, I could easily suggest a few ways for them to get more organized.  Maybe it's not natural and maybe it is actually that I have read tons of organizing books, blogs, tips, etc. because I feel so illequipped for the job. 

We are planning to move around the beginning of July.  I am so totally excited, but also so totally devastated to be leaving my amazing neighbors.  Back to my point.... I am unorganized.  Completely.  My new problem is that I am have been so unmotivated to work on this house at all, because why?  Why do I want to get this one awesome and customize things for this house when I am leaving in a few months?  My attitude has been that my poor husband can just suck it up for a few more months until we move.  Then our new house will complete with me organizing it for the first few weeks until it is amazing! 

Well, that is kind of a not so great idea.  Really, the last thing I want to do is move a bunch of unorganized junk into my next house, where I will just have to take the time to organize it all.  Sooo.... I am going to get organized or somewhat organized.  I obviously am not going to make any permanent changes to our house now, but I just want things to be much more simple when I have to organize our next house. 

Reasons why I have not ever become as organized as I would like to be:
-Money... everything seems to just cost money.  I know it will cost some money to organize our house but we are in a place now where being unorganized is costing us more money than getting organized would cost.
-Not being anywhere very long... we have moved alot.  Let me count... 14 places of residence in 7 years... yes that was a lot of fun and quite embarrassing to write on all of our fostering documents!  We have been in this house for 2 years now and I have actually never fully unpacked or made this a home.  Yes, walls were painted and pictures were hung, but it's not how I would want it if we were here forever.  Our new house will hopefully be it.  IT!  As in, our house forever.  Daunting to find and yet so exciting at the same time!
-I'm kind of a pack rat.... I see a use for almost anything and if I don't know how to use it at the moment, I am sure that I will find a way soon! 
-Not knowing where to start... I actually heard something very profound for me a while ago on the Nate Berkus show with Peter Walsh, who is an awesome organizer.  He said that we should visualize what we want the space to look like, how we want it to feel, what we want to do in the space, etc.  I'm a big dreamer and visualizer so for me this was huge!  Definitely on my to-do list, which brings me to my...

To-Do List:
-Visualize and imagine my spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchen, pantry, office, homeschool area, living room, dining room.  Write down any ideas or thoughts.  Gather or mark any pictures, quotes, feelings, etc from my Idea Book.
-Organize my office.  Get rid of clutter.
-Buy lots and lots of plastic storage tubs.  Label them and fill them!
-Take one weekend to organize everything in the attic into the appropriate bin, which oh my goodness will help so much with the packing we always leave for the last minute!!

I will post some before and after transformations, which will help keep me accountable and will maybe help some other poor, lost soul like me :)

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