Monday, March 5, 2012

Nursing Babies

I do not care much about Beyonce, at all, but I saw this on my email news and checked it out.  I was hoping that it was her nursing in public, but I wasn't too sure from the headline.  It was.  I am thrilled that she is nursing in the first place.  I think more moms should nurse.  I am also thrilled that she did nurse in public.  Maybe many women will think "if Beyonce did it then so can I!"  I think it is great to nurse in public.  To be forced to miss out on everything going on around you because you must go nurse in a bathroom (gross) is awful.  I do definitely think that women should cover themselves a little more than the women in the bottom video.  There are some awesome nursing covers and I plan to get one.  I do not appreciate when women just whip out their breasts and leave themselves totally uncovered.  It's really the moments when the baby pulls away or is switching sides and the mother is left completely exposed.... we've all seen that.  That is inappropriate to me in must public places and makes everyone feel awkward. 

Warning: lots of uncovered mommies in this one!

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