Monday, March 12, 2012

A Love Note with 2x4s

We bought these 2x4s last year to make some gardening beds, but didn't end up using them because they were pressure treated and I didn't want the chemicals leaking into our food. 

So Kassidy has taken a HUGE liking to them and uses them for everything.  Currently, they are being used as jumping bars for the dogs.  She has them at different levels being held up by some spare bricks.  She is sooo creative.

The "I LOVE YOU!" was written last week by her and it melted my heart.  It was actually on a day that was not so great.  I had just finished crying because I was just in a mood where nothing about my house and life seemed in order.  She brought me outside and showed me this, of course asking why I had been crying.  It definitely made my day so much brighter! 

Taking pictures of it was really hard, because it is huge and she had to rearrange them because they were too far apart to begin with. 

I just love that girl more than I can explain!

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