Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I feel like a Real Estate Expert

Yes, we are looking for a house.  Yes, I have found "my" home about 8 times. 

1-3) couldn't go FHA or so our real estate agent said... he did say it could with a lot of work, but I don't think he wanted the hassle (boy, I bet he would take that hassle now, since that was about 60 houses ago)
4) We made an offer on this one, had an inspection done, etc and we had to back out.  The owners were going through a nasty, nasty divorce and the wife wouldn't sign any papers.  We were worried she would never show up to close and if she didn't the house would go to the bank.  We couldn't risk it.  And the owner randomly appeared at our house and left a note on our door.  Luckily, we were not home, but he came when he knew that I would be the only one home, which I did not appreciate.
5) Mike didn't want it
6) The owners decided to take it off the market the day we called to make the offer.
7) This one went off the market the day before we were going to make an offer.
8) This one went off the market the day we were going to make an offer.

Seriously?!?!  I know... I cannot believe the luck we've had!!  We have literally looked at about 60 houses with our realtor and about 120 without him... not counting the new builds we were once considering.  Oh My Goodness!!  We hope this will end today or tomorrow when we go look and when we make an offer right then and there.  We haven't been slow on making an offer, really we haven't.  I would feel sorry for our agent, except for that he is pretty awful.  Ok, I am actually feeling a little more sorry for him having to look again. 

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