Saturday, May 12, 2012

Its' A....

GIRL!!!  Another girl!!  We found out at our last sono at 13 weeks.  Super early to find out, I know.  I seem to get lucky like that!  With K we found out around 16 weeks and now we found out super early!  I think that it is easier to tell girls vs. boys.  The tech said that all babies start with boy parts and they either get bigger or they kind of suck in... weird! 

We are going to name her Paisley Virginia.  We heard the name Paisley a few months ago and loved it.  The Paisley pattern is tied for my first favorite pattern, ever.  I've always loved it.  We were going to go with a name with much more meaning, like blessing or gift, etc because she is such a blessed gift from God that we waited so long for.  Unfortunately, hahaha, Mike and I could not agree on a single name with any kind of meaning! 

So after our first sono, at around 8 weeks, Mike called the baby our little chili pepper because the baby and the uterus looked just like a little chili pepper.  Then, maybe after our next sono around 10 weeks, I was looking at random things online and a paisley pattern popped up and guess what?!?!  Our little chili pepper also looked just like a little paisley swirl.  I called Mike over and we decided then that we would name her Paisley if we had a girl.  Dominic for a boy, which means belonging to God.  Paisley does mean church in Scottish and also content, which I like. 

Virginia is after my grandma.  No one in my family, granted there aren't that many people in my family on that side, have named anyone after her.  When my aunt heard what we were naming her, she cried, which is pretty unusual for her.  I let her tell my grandma the name and my grandma cried and cried.  She was so touched, which was exactly what I wanted :)  I really have the best grandma ever! 

Our little Paisley Virginia is super special to us and I'm so glad her name has a special meaning for our family :) 

PS. Here's a paisley pattern in case you weren't sure.  I wasn't going to spend a million years finding a super cute pattern, but this one is cute, right?!?!

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