Monday, May 14, 2012

Weird Baby News

We went to the midwife on Friday and once she came in she looked up the results from our awful ultrasound.  She said, "Well, everything seems to be good from the ultrasound.  There is only a 10-15% chance that she has a cystic hygroma."

Mike and I looked at eachother and told her that no the news was not good.  We went on to tell her what the dr had told us at the ultrasound.  She was horrified that we had been told such serious things in a pretty nonchalant way.  I didn't tell many people, if any actually, and I don't think I wrote it in the previous post about the ultrasound, but the dr told us that we should definitely make sure to hear the heartbeat at every appointment because most babies with chromosomal defects have heart issues and her heart could just stop and she would be dead. 

The midwife was really upset about that as well.  We all kind of sat there stunned that we had received such differing results.  Then, as promised, Kassidy was allowed to use the doppler to try and get a heartbeat.  Neither her nor the midwife could find it.  I actually was not as worried as I thought I would have been.  So off we went for our 4th ultrasound. 

I was definitely relieved when I saw the little fluttering of her sweet heart!  Paisley was trying to sleep and she was using the placenta as a pillow.  She was still a she and still pretty feisty even though she was trying to sleep.  She was actually showing her back, which is what we spent almost 30 minutes trying to see at our last sonogram!

The midwife said that she did see a little something on the back of her neck... a little thickening, which would be a sign of a cystic hygroma.  She said she had a friend who had a cystic hygroma and has only had to have it drained a few times throughout her life.... no biggie.  (I have actually now read that they are pretty big indicators to serious things and it's not really no bigie)

We went back to the examine room and our midwife told us to call and reschedule our next sono appt with a different dr in the practice.  I was and still kind of am in shock and complete confusion about things.  I have absolutely no idea why we were given such serious, grave news and our midwife was given completely different news.  Later, we realized that if the news had changed there is no excuse for that dr or her nurse or anyone on her staff to call us and let us know that things had been re-evaluated.  I mean hello!!  we were at home going kinda crazy with worry!  Totally unprofessional and weird.  It completely discredits the dr.  I will definitely be getting to the bottom of things in a couple weeks when we go back!

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