Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Before E Except....

The English language is a crazy, ridiculous thing.  Really. 
I am pretty great at English, spelling and all those crazy grammar rules (no, you cannot tell from my blog because here I write like I talk and I like it like that), but it took years of practice. 
Anddd... now I have to teach those crazy things to my daughter!!
For example:

  • "I before E except after C unless it's in neighbor or weigh."  and actually any other word that rhymes with neighbor or weigh like sleigh, freight, etc.  Oh, but scIEnce is some weird exception. 
  • There are so many words that are spelled exactly the same but for some reason when they take on a different meaning we sound them out differently.
    • Wind up the toy. 
    • The wind was strong today.
    • The object is trash.
    • The judge objected.
    • The present was wrapped.
    • Present the gift.
  • Words with OO can be sounded out at least 4 different ways.
    • book, foot, hood
    • boom, doom, noon
    • floor, door
    • flood, blood
  • Words with silent letters.
    • gnat, know, knee, psychology, debt, hour, listen
  • Words that contain "ough" but don't sound the same.
    • bough, trough
    • thought, bought
    • through
    • though, dough
    • cough
    • enough, tough
  • Words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.
    • seen, scene
    • their, they're, there
    • isle, I'll aisle
    • ail, ale
    • hear, here
  • How we pluralize things.
    • mouse=mice
    • goose=geese
    • moose=moose
    • person=people
    • dog=dogs
    • cat=cats
Ok, well I'm done for now :) 

Did I mention though that I am such a huge sucker for punctuation, spelling and grammar?  I mean to the point that I will avoid going to a place if I get their ad and they have spelling or grammatical errors.  Really.  :)  (I better really spell check this baby before I hit post!)

Photo: What habits do you have that help improve your writing online?

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Photo: Most of the time these are typographical errors, but they are easy to fix.

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Photo: Double negatives are OK (even necessary) in a lot of other languages, but not in English.

For more about double negatives visit: http://bit.ly/dblngtives
Photo: Though snarky, this is a great opportunity to remind people that the past simple tense of "see" is "saw." (I saw, you saw, he/she saw, etc.) 

"Seen" is used with perfect forms, like "I have seen" or "they had seen."
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(stop clubbing, baby seals)

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For another take on punctuating the male perspective, check out http://blog.grammarly.com.
Is there anything that you teach that just frustrates you and makes you want to laugh that "I'm going crazy laugh"?  HAHAHAHA!!  (did you hear the craziness)

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