Thursday, January 10, 2013

90Day Gluten Free Announcement

Here is where it started and why. 
This was check-in #1 and this is check-in #2. 
I was supposed to check-in every week.  Yes, I'm not so good at that.
So here is an update.
Going gluten-free changed my life.  Dramatic?  Yes, but deserving of the drama?  ABSOLUTELY! 
I went solidly good at going g-free for 3 weeks when I got my period.  I also lost about 10 pounds at this point and my enormously bloated stomach was gone!
29 days later, with a couple cheating times, I got my period again.  Now, not so shocking for you normal cycled women, but this hasn't happened to me (naturally) in at least 3-4 years.  Years. 
26 days later, I got my period again. 
Now, from the time I got my first period at 11 I had a completely perfect schedule every 28 days almost to the hour.  But, I was thrilled at taking this 26-29 day cycle.  Completely thrilled.
Except... I tried really hard to get pregnant every time I thought I was ovulating.  And after 3 months of my period I was a little disappointed with not being pregnant. 
Until, I did pretty badly at being g-free for the last month and when my period did not come I thought, "Great.  I was doing so good and this totally proves that I need to buckle down and stay g-free.  Here's to another month of no period which means no ovulating."
But then I took another test a few days later and....
I'm pregnant! 
When you fight with God about babies and when your heart is stomped into dust constantly over infertility, you feel completely undeserving of a pregnancy when it comes along.  At least I do. 
So, g-free, is right for me!!  And maybe it is right for you also although I am not a doctor!!  I'll do a baby update soon!!
Do you or anyone you know eat g-free?  For what reasons?

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