Friday, February 1, 2013

Is My Baby OK?

That is all I seem to ask myself all day long every day.  Is he/she still alive? 
What a weird thing to think.  But maybe it's not.  For me it isn't weird after what happened last time.  I don't think that every other pregnant woman thinks like this. 

I do somewhat remember almost 10 years ago being somewhat concerned that Kassidy wasn't always perfect in there, but nothing like I do now.  No one and really I mean no one did I know had lost a baby.
Now, I know that my grandma had an eptopic pregnancy and one of my aunts lost a baby (and since my daughter I learned a cousin lost a baby), but that's it.  The major woman in my life that I saw during pregnancy, being my mom and other aunts, had never experienced anything like that so I thought it was not very common.  Yet another reason why I think it is sooo important for us to be open about all of this because when we are not and women have bad experiences they are left shocked.
Our baby is doing great!  We had the high risk sono a couple weeks ago and he/she had only .11 mm (I guess the measurement) of fluid on the back of the neck and the healthy range is 0 to .2 so that was awesome!!
Still I do not think that I will be relieved until our next high risk sono in about 3 weeks at the 17 week mark and everything shows up normal and healthy.
I just have to continue (a million times a day) to hand this baby over to God and beg Him to let me keep him/her and allow him/her to be healthy, strong and with a heart that will seek God before everything.  That is my prayer.
Do you worry with every pregnancy? 

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  1. I prayed for your sweet baby. good luck hun and congrats! Dont stress too much, you need your strength for the baby. XoXo