Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Site and So Long to a Million Books!

As you might have noticed, I review a lot of books!
Why?  Because I love to read and I love free stuff!
I read the books and keep what I like for my ever-growing collection and I sell the ones I don't think I will read again. 
It works out wonderfully.
Except, that it is taking up wayyy too much room on this blog.
So, for a while I will still post my reviews on this blog and then after a couple weeks I will transfer them over exclusively to my new blog, which will be just for reviews.  I will keep my faves on here, because, well, they are my faves and I think you might like them also!
Reviews of companies, games, toys, clothes, movies, you name it.  Oh, and books.  ;)
Here is that site:
Do you like reading reviews?  Do you review stuff on your blog?
Oh and if you ever want to get some books for free and you blog here are two sites that I use:

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