Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sharing the Kicks

Our little frog, aka Rylee, aka the baby in my tummy, is quite a mover and kicker.  I am not at all surprised as Kassidy was also.
I pretty much have this girl's schedule down.  I'm thinking she might, unfortunately, not be the amazing morning child that Kassidy is. 
She might be more like me... anything but a morning person.  :/
We will see. 
I first felt Rylee move around 14 weeks.
At our 22 week appointment, Mike barely felt her move in my belly.
The past 3 weeks have consisted of me constantly grabbing Mike's hand to try and feel her, with no success and to the point of Mike thinking I was crazy for thinking he could feel her kicks.... they could only be felt from inside.
Untilllll.... two nights ago, at 25 weeks.  He felt her kick a couple times and tonight he felt her give a few really great ones!!
She is a crazy mover!!
One minute she is bouncing on my bladder.  The next she is kicking my ribs.  After that she kicks some right in the middle of my belly.  And of course, there are those that can be felt on complete opposite ends.  I have no idea what she is doing in there!
Wouldn't it be cool if we had clear bellies?  Ok, maybe only during pregnancy.  And maybe only the ability to see our growing babies.  Not everything else.  :) 
When did your husband first feel your baby?

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