Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Places (Online) That Save and Make Me Money

I am such a sucker for a good deal! 
I try to remind my husband how much money I save our family and how I am much happier with much less than most women. 
We do have to remind our husbands about what we do contribute when we lack in other areas... ahem... housekeeping.
Sooo over the years I have found several websites that really, really help me save and make money.  I thought I would share and give a little info about each.
To Make Money:
My Points- You use this site as a go-through when shopping online.  So you want to shop online at Gap or Old Navy?  Great!  Go-through My Points and you get 8 points per dollar, plus they show you active coupon codes!  Points are redeemed for gift cards they mail to you or paypal transfers.  You can also print grocery type coupons out from here and get 10 points per redeemed coupon.
You also get 5 points for almost every email they send (about 4 per day).  The emails let you know about special deals, etc. like ink purchases... about 250 points just for a small purchase of ink.
---I have earned 22,357 points in the last few years (3 maybe with that email) that I have had an account.  That is approximately worth $160.  And for what?  Really not much of anything.  
I just started using Swagbucks about 6 months ago and even then I was not using it very regularly.  This is another go-through site.  You can also earn lots and lots of swagbucks by doing surveys and by just searching the internet.  I earn at least 10 every day by just searching.  500 bucks is equal to $5 in gift cards.  You can also print grocery type coupons out from here and get 10 points per redeemed coupon. 
---I have earned $65 in gift cards (that are sent as e-cards for you to print off) in that time.  Now that I work it more, I earn about $15-$20 per month and am working on making that even more. 
This is another go-through site.  That is all that ebates is for, but the nice thing is that you get cash back-sent out quarterly.  I use this site the least often, just because the rewards are often greater from the other two above. 
---I have earned $43.76 in cash (in a couple years time) and just for signing up & making an initial purchase you get a $10 gift card in addition to your cash back.
If I am going to shop online, which is where I find great deals quite often, I go to each of these sites and see where I will get a better deal.  It only takes an extra minute and I never shop without seeing where I will get the better deal. 
When I am about to shop online or even in store, I always, always, always check out:
www.RetailMeNot.com for coupon codes or coupons that I can print out and take with me.  I have saved sooo much money doing this and when you combine it with a site from above you can get some really amazing deals and save lots of money!
Do you have any tips or tricks or sites you use to save tons of money???



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