Monday, March 25, 2013

Pregnancy Update! All Around Wk 21

Oh, week 21, how my heart is so grateful that I am here. 
Every single day, I think, "Well, if something terrible goes wrong with my body and we catch it in time, we are a little bit closer to being able to have a live baby." 
We still have a few more weeks before she could even possibly make it out in this world. 
(knock on wood) I think my body really handles pregnancy wondefully.  Sickness is so much better than so many women have it. 
My issues every pregnancy:
-sharp ligament pains pretty much throughout the whole pregnancy
-my sinuses go insane
-first trimester complete exhaustion where I choose sleep over anything
-first trimester extremely tender breasts where I set up a baracade with my arms 99% of the time
-this pregnancy my tailbone and back have been hurting quite bad
Overall, though, I feel great and love being pregnant (besides the constant worry). 
I am not sure that I will ever feel "out of the danger zone" since we were pretty far out of it last time and we still lost our baby Paisley.
I truly, truly, truly cherish every single movement inside.  It means that she is still here and alive!  And, yes, she is definitely a she! 
Oh, my husband, the girl maker! 
Here are some pics:
17 weeks
 These top 2 are from March 5th (18 weeks).  This girl seriously likes those legs stretched out!!
 This is two weeks later... and Still stretched out!  She really is taking advantage of the room right now.  Soon, there will be none!  I am calling her my little froggy.  :)
 She even had her legs stretched out and crossed at the feet.  (They are not crossed in this pic)

The dr at our 20 week super in-depth ultrasound basically did a complete anatomy lesson.  He listed almost every single organ and said it all looked great!  We are so blessed and so thankful! 

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