Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little TOOO Much

I am feeling completely overwhelmed with all of the things that I have signed up for as a family and individually. 

Busy day today with a sick husband, Woman's Bible study, playgroup after that and super-behind coupon cutting.  I did get a break when I gardened for about an hour, which was really needed in order for my veggies/fruits to grow & produce lots (please!)  Registered for Mike's fingerprints while realizing that I forgot to find that stupid cd we borrowed from the library 6 weeks ago (it's somewhere in my car!!)  and on that- why can it never be a cd that I would actually enjoy having if I'm going to have to buy it?!?!  Also, I forgot to make an appt for my physical (the fingerprints and the physical are basically the last 2 things needed to be done besides paperwork & some errands before we can have our homestudy scheduled!!!)
I was actually honored (or maybe a little insulted... I'm not sure yet) to be asked if I wanted to do a discipleship study with an awesome woman from church, which would mean us getting together every week.  I really, really want to do this except for now I am thinking when?!?!  When do I have an extra couple hours every week and the energy to do this?  I will.  I need to.  It will be great I know it.  I was really, really, really wanting Mike to be asked by her husband... hahaha... he's the one who needs more discipleship training right?!?!  The couple gave their testimony at church a couple of months ago and shared how someone had mentored them & now they do it for other people. 

Then I was asked if I would like to work in the nursery for a couple hours every Wed.  I said yes, of course, and am happy that I did.  She asked if I could work today & already feeling overwhelmed for the day I said no, which I was also happy that I did... since "no" is a skill I am working on continuously.  

My homeschooling friends from church have decided to start a small hs group & after making a financial plan the other night & realizing that there is no extra I had no idea where I would pull money from to pay for it even though it is not much & I'm really excited about it (but again another thing to add to my list).  So guess what!!  God is sooo good!  Always!  The money from the little job is exactly how much I need... exactly... for the hs group!  Again, God is so good! 

All in the same day, he brought me good news- about the hs group.  I wasn't sure where I would get the money.  Then, he showed me that he always provides- the little job at church which pays exactly what I need!  He also provided a hs group for us that sounds great & I do not have to organize it!!!  What a relief!  How amazing is that!?!?!  (tears are running down my cheeks)

I guess my bottom line is that I need to get more organized if I am going to take on the things that matter to me.  I need to think about what I'm committing to & prioritize better. 

Sometimes, actually quite often, I feel like staying in my comfy cozy little home with Kassidy & Mike (some alone time would be awesome too). 

I don't want to socialize. 

I don't want to say yes to everything people ask of me. 

I don't want to have to be anywhere at a specific time.

I don't want to be asked or feel like I need to commit to anything. 

I don't want to do anything but spend quality time loving God, my husband, my daughter, some family, some friends & myself. 
No committments, no stress, no appointments, no worries... how wrong is that? 
Maybe I can squeeze a few hours of that in every once in a while! 



  1. Leila,

    I can relate to so many of the things you wrote about yesterday!!!

    Thanks for starting a blog and inviting me!


  2. Good Morning: warning long comment...
    Thanks for stopping by and more importantly, your encouragement. Get on your knees, praise God that others will lead the HS group. I have been hoping/praying for years for others to do it here, there was only a co-op if I led it and honestly, I was tired of others coasting off the labors of a few.(sorry for the negativity)You are blessed. About your blog, I am so excited for you. I love blogging, I've been doing it for only a year and I'm addicted. I'm looking forward to reading your blog, you make writing look so easy. Things we have in common: I lose library items all of the time, I say yes too often, I'm disorganized, and I am always relying on God to provide. And He does.
    Have an great day!~Terri G.

  3. Thank you Kaylah! I'd love to hear more about your life... hint, hint, hint!

    Terri- I am feeling more & more blessed that someone else stepped up so that I could focus on other things that I need to do!! Thanks for following my blog... I look forward to reading yours more & more. I have only blogged a few times now & I am hooked too!! Have a great day also!!