Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Review: Elemental Journal

By: Tammy Kushmur

Well, I was kind of surprised when I received this book today in the mail.  Yes, I am already done reading it!  The book is beautiful and obviously very easy and quick to read.  The cover reads "composing artful expressions from items cast aside".  I did not really read what the book was about, which is why I was kind of surprised when I openned it.  The whole book it about making journals from junk, bark, trash, and other little treasures.  I love the idea of upcycling and this book is filled with beautiful ideas.  There are several contributors and many different ideas that come with step by step instructions for how to create the same kind of journal. 

While I will probably never make a single one of the journals (these ladies must have rooms filled with the journals because each one only has a few pages in it), I did get some other ideas on how to upcycle some things that I have been meaning to work on.  There is some not so pleasant little passages that accompany explanations of some of the journals including that one of the contributors has OCD (there is literally about 3 sentences about it) and some of the journal entries share struggles from other contributors, but you have to go out of your way to read the journal entries. 

The book definitely inspires some creativity and I will probably reference it many more times.  Some of the journals are a little over the top in my opinion, but the ideas could be used for many other projects.  I will probably share it with my 7 year old, knowing that she will not sit and read the actual journal entries.  She will only look at the pictures and I think it's a great way to inspire thinking outside the box! 

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