Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review: The Promise of an Angel

An Amish romance novel.  This one has an angel in it, which I thought was kind of hokey at first, but then I absolutely loved it!  I could not put the book down, but that is typical for me with any good book.  I read it all in about 6-7 hours, between staying up late the night I got it and then for a little the next day. 

In the story, the main character, Judith struggles with forgiveness and the fear of being shunned for "telling stories" about the angel who continues to visit her.  All of that while she tries to find her place as a nineteen year old who is now able to be courted.  There are twists and turns and points where my mouth fell open! 

I highly recommend this book!  I can't wait to get another one and will definitely try out more books by Reid.

I joined BookSneeze so I could get free books!!  Yay for free!!  And double yay for new, quality books for free!!  I do not get any other compensation besides the book and agree to give my completely honest review.

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