Monday, May 16, 2011

Opinions Needed Please :)

So I am thinking of starting a party planning business.  Mostly kid's birthdays, maybe some mom's night outs, family reunions, bridal and baby showers, etc.

Birthday parties are usually big for our family.  Our daughter gets no birthday presents from us in exchange for a great party... I'm more about the memories than the stuff.  We don't host many parties so every year this is the big one, but sometimes we just do something "big" as a family. 

Here's what I am thinking:
-It is nice to be a part of any party you are having or are at instead of always being the hostess/planner.
-It would be awesome to have quality pics of family and friends without having to chase them around with a camera while missing the actual party.
-It would be amazing to not have to completely plan, decorate and stress over a party.
-It would be sooo much fun to go to a party that was different and exciting and fun!

Which is where I come in!!!

We would be responsible for the invitations, thank you's, decorations, cake, cutlery, plates, cups, drinks, party favors, games, activities, etc.

I have some questions and I would love any and all answers!!
1) Are birthday parties big events in your family?
2) What events would you like to have someone plan and take care of?
3) How much do you usually spend on birthday parties or any other type of party?
4) Would you be interested in hiring a photographer also?
5) How much would you be willing to pay for a party planner?  Photographer? 
6) Do you know of any or many children's party planners like what I might be describing?

Thanks tons for your responses!!

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