Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few Random Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

There are lots of reasons why I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool.  Lots of those reasons are talked about constantly, but some are not. 

1) I love that I get to correct my daughter's mistakes right away. 
     Remember when you were in school and you would get a paper back a week later and you had no clue how to do it properly or what in the world the teacher was expecting to be done differently?  When you homeschool, that problem is pretty non-existent.

2) I love that I actually know what is going on in her learning/school... duh!
     Our daughter actually went to a public kindergarten for a semester and then we moved and she did a year at a charter school.  I volunteered a lot at the charter school, but I still reall had no clue what she was learning or doing on a daily basis.  How can you truly reinforce or practice things at home when you don't have a clue?  Plus I get to choose what she learns!

3) I don't have to wonder how she is being treated at school or how she is treating others. 
     Maybe you call that socialization, but I don't.  I call that losing self-esteem and self-worth, whether you are being bullied or doing the bullying.  I know what my daughter (mostly) hears, sees and says.  It's not a wonder every day when she comes home from school if she heard something or saw something that really needs to bedealt with and discussed.

4) I don't have to miss out on 1,370 hours a year with my daughter. 
     Wow!  That number totally shocks me!  That is how long children are in school every.single.year.
If you homeschool, what are some of your random, not usually talked about reasons why you love it?  If you don't homeschool, why don't you?  Just kidding!!  I love non-homeschoolers, too!!  If you don't homeschool, what are your favorite things about public/private school that we homeschoolers don't get to experience?? 

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