Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something {emabarassing} that I will miss

Something I will miss dearly when my little girl grows up...
Her beautiful little voice singing away while she is in the bathroom.  As I am typing she just started with a version of Beethoven.  It melts my heart and makes me smile.  It just seems like a moment of pure joy.... while she happens to be going to the bathroom.  She is my happy little child.  Always has been and I hope she always will be.  She does this in public restrooms also.  All of the time.  I can always tell where she is and how long she is going to be by the way she is singing.  How hilarious is that? 
She would be mortified if she knew that I was writing this.  But she doesn't so it's ok.  I will really miss and always will remember my little bird {in the bathroom}.
Oh, it's obvious why no pictures come with this post.  :)

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