Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Sleeping Baby Birth Story...The Worst Day of Our Lives Couldn't Have Gone Any Better Pt.2

Here is part one. 

I cannot believe this has taken me 2 more months to finish this story.  Wow!  We have been super busy since then and writing all this down just means I have to remember it all detail by detail. 

About an hour after I had the first dose, I felt something pop.  You know how you can stick your finger in your mouth and pop it in your cheek??  That's what it felt like it sounded... make sense??  haha!  And then a gush.  Yes, my water broke.  When I had Kassidy, they broke my water so I didn't get to experience that sensation and seriously it was awesome!  I couldn't get over how amazing and crazy it felt.  Weird, I know!

So after the first 4 hours of the Cytotec (again, I'm not sure of the name & I don't feel like looking it up, lol) it was time for round 2.  I had the next dose and told her I was then ready for an epidural.  I would actually like to have a baby naturally, but not when I have to feel my dead baby coming out.  And boy was I in PAIN!  Sooo much worse than regular labor contractions!!  Plus if I had to have a d&c, which I was almost guaranteed would happen, I would need an epidural anyway, so why not get it early. 

The anesthesiologist came in and started the epidural, which can I just say hurt worse than anything else that day!!!  Oh my goodness!!  I never felt any pain the first time with Kassidy... it was like a shot.  This was like someone sticking a straw up my spine on all the nerves and twisting it around just for fun.  I literally started crying and praying for it to be over... it hurt that bad.  When it was finally over, I turned to lay back down and another gush came out.  I told the nurse and she told me to continue to lay back down and she would check it.  I felt like I should just keep sitting there, but I layed down.

She checked me and said, "Well, hunny, you just delivered."  I was completely shocked and then my body went into complete shock.  I haven't really heard of many women shivering like crazy after birth, but I do.  I had a c-section with Kassidy and still shivered for a while after.  When I had Paisley... wow!  I shook for almost two hours so badly I couldn't talk.  I could barely open my mouth or I'd bite my tongue, but my teeth were chattering sooo hard I thought I would chip them and my jaw hurt soo bad.  The nurse couldn't read my blood pressure.  Mike was freaking out and kept asking if that was normal.  I guess it is normal for me.  My whole entire body ached for days because of it and my back was killing me. 

The placenta did not come out all of the way, but the dr was soo amazing that he came in, pulled down all the super lights, put my shaking legs in stirrups, did an ultrasound and pulled that placenta out!  No d&c!  Another miracle in our day!  I am so grateful that my dr was quick on his feet and thought to do that. 

The midwife came back in and said that 5 hours was the shortest time she had ever seen this labor happen.  I'm so thankful that was the record I got to set that day!

Tomorrow I will write about getting to see Paisley....

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