Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Gone, Homeschool Plans & I'm the Trainer for You!!

Oh how much I miss blogging, but I step on myself and make things difficult sometimes... like I've been feeling like I can't or shouldn't make a random blog post till I finished my story about our little Paisley girl.  Writing about her is difficult on its own and I've been super, duper preoccupied also. 

My sisters and mom came to visit for more than 3 weeks, which was absolutely amazing.  My heart feels complete when we are together and I miss them bunches already.  The day after they left Mike's mom and nephew came and will be leaving in a couple of days after their 10 day stay.  Annnddd... I got the most terrible, horrible, no good, very worst ear infection ever.  Seriously up there with labor... I was out for a good 3 days not able to do anything and even after that I could do barely more than nothing.  It was a huge blessing that my sisters were still here and able to help out sooo much with the cooking, housework and entertainment of K.

Annnddddd.... I've been trying to work on our school year plans, which is kinda crazy for me.  I'm a planner.  A big planner.  I'm not always a big do-er.  If I could get a job planning someone else's life, I would win some major awards because I could be that good.  (If there were awards for running someone's life)  I want so much to be the do-er who follows my magnificent plans because they are quite awesome.  Let me know if you want me to make up a plan for you like I have for myself on:

1.how to effectively lose weight in a healthy way
2.how to lose tons of weight right away in a extremely unhealthy way
3.how to train yourself to become a morning person
4.how to prepare a month's or why not a few month's meals all in a day
5.how to have a spotless home and not mind making it that way
6.how to nurture your relationship with God so it blossoms and flourishes

and for you homeschooling mamas:
7.how to have the perfectly planned, organized, yet seemlessly fun homeschooling year

No, I haven't crossed a single one of those off my actually done list.  I just make a list of how to accomplish those things.  Maybe I'll learn... maybe not... I'm still hoping I will actually become the do-er so I still plan.  And I'm pretty far away from being planned for school and my new lists for #1, #3, #5 & #6 above.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to expand my expectations for #3.  That one I've somewhat given up on.  :/

So I have 5 days to get it all together.  Hahahaha!  I love the new school year... it's soo much like the New Year for me.  A new beginning.  Oh and actually keeping up with my blogging is another one to add- #8.

I would like to say, though, that I accomplish much less than I would if I didn't plan which is why having a school year plan seems to be the best way for me at this point.  Maybe one day I will be one of those amazing moms who can "not plan" their every second day out and can just put things together spur of the moment and actually get their child some education, but I'm not there yet. 

I also guess I hope to be able to get myself closer to that kind of person by following a schedule for 21 days or whatever it is so that those things become habits.  That is the real goal.  I want and need desperately to have better habits.  Wow!  Long post that started out to be about choir practice... I will just have to write about that in my next regularly scheduled post ;)

How do you plan things in life?  Home?  Homeschool?  God time?

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