Friday, August 24, 2012

My New Best Friend In The Kitchen

No, not my awesome daughter, although she loves to help out sometimes.
My phone is my new best friend in the kitchen.  Actually Pandora.  Seriously amazing.  In case you aren't sure what Pandora is.... it is an app.  I have no idea what kind of app... I am sooo not into that kind of stuff.  I just know that I have it and am so in LOVE with it! 
You get to pick stations that I think other people have compiled.  My faves are Enya, Christmas, Casting Crowns and Adele.  You do not get songs exclusively from that artist, although I guess you could search for just that, but you normally get songs closely related to Enya, Casting Crowns, etc. 
There are commercials that last about 15 seconds maybe about every 30 mins to an hour.  Your phone pauses for a second when you get a text and it pauses for your whole ring tone and picks right back up when you are done. 
I take my Pandora with me every single time I am in the kitchen and you should, too!!

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