Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daddy Dates: Book Review

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

This book was definitely more geared toward male readers, which is great.  I also really enjoyed reading it though.  Having not grown up with the idea of "daddy dates", some of the things Wright wrote kind of sounded let's say interesting, like how he would call to ask one of his four daughters out on a date, how he would knock on his door to pick her up, etc.  Luckily, he also admits that some of this sounds a little weird.  After he took out his second daughter on their first date (at around 7) she started crying in the backseat.  He immediately thought he did something wrong and asked her what happened.  She said, "No, Daddy, nothing's wrong.  It's just that I've never felt this special before."  He started crying after that!  (wouldn't you!?!?)   

He seems to have an amazing relationship with his daughters and talks about how he still maintains some of the authority in their lives.  He has obviously learned how to hold lasting and valuable conversations, which he says is usually just a lot of listening.  They do not allow dating in high school at all writing that "In high school we don't have boyfriends.  We don't do ownership.  We do friendship, and that's it."  When his daughters turn 13 they have a very special daddy date and he offers her "a pretty ring to wear on her left hand so she will remember that I am giving her my heart (in a parental way), promising to be her guide in life, and will take care of her financially and emotionally until she's an independent woman or maried."  He tells her that her future husband will have to ask for his permission to marry her and that's when the ring comes off.  He calls i the "transistion of care", which I love.   

This is such a great book for any dad of a daughter at any age.  He really caters to teaching men from the basics.  It is a very easy read and not very long at all.  The bottom line for him is about helping your daughter feel like she needs no man besides her dad.  He puts work into his relationships with them and it seems to be paying off very well for everyone.  I really hope my husband will read the book and start taking our daughter on some daddy dates! 

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