Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I would look like that, too, if Jesus wanted me to drink His blood

Kassidy and I were reading The Easter Story.  This book is awesome as every page is interactive (see the disciple stickers at the bottom the page.  Some pages are to color and there's even a word search).  The story is told accurately, of course not as detailed or graphic.  It is published by Parragon and was only $2 at Mardels... in case you need a good Easter book! 

Anyways, we got to the page about the Last Supper.  As soon as we turned to this page, Kassidy asked why the disciples' faces "looked like that".  I said, "Let's just read."  So we read and we soon got to "'Eat and drink.'" he told them. "'The bread is my body, and the wine is my blood.'"

Well our reading stopped right there because my very serious 7 year old said, "Ohhh... now  I know why they were looking like that."  I asked why.  She said, "Because Jesus wanted them to drink his blood.  I would look like that, too."

I could not help but laugh and I laugh thinking about it now!  Oh, the minds of little ones.  Maybe you would have been better at explaining this but here is what I said, "I don't think they were making faces like that because Jesus gave them his blood.  I think they were looking like that because they were sad and confused about Jesus leaving them.  They were also upset about Jesus saying that one of them was going to betray him.  Jesus was giving his blood as a symbol of his love for us and in remembrance of his sacrifice for us after He died.  I would drink his blood and try to do whatever Jesus asked me to do (how ironic I would say that when I am such a sinner... I should have explained better that part of it) including drinking his blood.  I am sure that it did not taste like his blood and body."

After her thinking for a minute and me hoping that my answer would cure her curiosity, be a true explanation of the events and also show the importance of Communion, Kassidy said, "Well, I would also do what Jesus wanted, but I would never drink anyone else's blood." 

My response: "That's right.  We would not and do not drink people's blood- only Jesus' blood."

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