Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Case You Didn't Already Know- Indoctrination

I watched this video on another great blog that I love and I just had to share it.  It makes my heart break.  The whole situation does.  That our America is becoming like that.  Where nothing is right or wrong.  Where you can't have a firm opinion on anything because that would mean that you are making someone else's opinion wrong... even just wrong for you.  Where Buddha, Mother Nature and other gods/idols are welcomed into conversation but {gasp} should we ever, ever mention God or Jesus.  I am blessed that in Texas, God is referenced much more often than in other states/areas of the country, but it is still not enough and only a matter of time (maybe) before Texas will become like other much more liberal states.    

I definitely think that public education is important to some extent.  I don't really know how to solve all of our public school problems.  All I know is that as long as my husband allows me to homeschool our daughter I will.  My heart breaks for the mothers and fathers who truly cannot afford to stay at home and homeschool.  It is a sacrifice in some ways though... we will pretty much be a one income family, but what good doesn't come with sacrifices?  I cannot think of many better causes to sacrifice for.  

So shouldn't we be sending our Christian children into schools to be a light in the darkness?  My opinion, for my daughter, is not right now.  My job as a mother is not to send my 7 year old who does not have a very long battery life into a pitch black school.  Hopefully that makes sense... I mean that yes, her little battery could last for a few comments or questions about Christianity but it will die soon from little use.  So what? then I get her home from school (where she has spent 1/3 of her day) and try within a few hours before bed to feed her, help her with her homework, find out how her day was, love her, prepare for the next day, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, have her take a shower, brush her teeth, oh and recharge her little Christian battery so she can fight another fight the next day?!?  I don't think so.  I also don't see how my daughter would really have an impact on another little 7 year old who has no battery life at all.  In high school?  I am still doubting that our daughter will ever go to a public or even private high school.  My heart desires to homeschool her all the way through high school.  She needs to become a battery that can light a beacon for days/weeks/months/years without ever going out.  Will she struggle to do that at home?  Sure but we are here to point her back to Jesus and the Bible where her battery can be recharged.  We are here to challenge her for the future but never let it get to the point where her battery would completely die.  

On little last fact: In 1997, there were an estimated 850,000 homeschooled children in the US.  In 2007, there was 1.5 million.    

What do you think about sending your children into schools to be the light?  

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