Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honored To Be A Guest Blogger!

The other day I was looking up "Foster Showers" and came across a forum where someone recently was asking about having a Foster Shower.  She left a blog site and being my interested (my husband would say nosy) self I checked out her blog. 

I read close to all of Angee's posts late the other night when I should have been sleeping, partly because we are going through so much of the same thing and partly because it was just easy to read and enjoyable. 

So Angee, herself, is super cute and her About Me section is definitely one of the cutest I have seen!  I can't really tell you about her better than she did there, besides that she is fostering to adopt and is now pregnant with their first baby! 

I commented on one of her posts and told her where I found her blog and I hope she didn't think I was a stalker from nowhere... although I don't mind anonymous stalkers so feel free to stalk away (but becoming a follower is more fun cause I come by your blog and get to know you a little better too)!  So she came by my blog and read a little bit about our foster to adopt journey, the facts about orphans and the judgements I feel we get sometimes.  Then...

Angee asked if she could share my post on her blog, which was such a nice honor!  So stop by her blog, Journey to Jeremiah!! 

P.S. She did have her Foster Shower!!

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