Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Note for Hospitality

So this is my beautiful sister, Rachel, and my wonderful daughter, Kassidy.  Rachel lives in CA and we were sooo excited that she came to visit for her Spring Break!   

The night before she left, Rachel thought Kassidy would like to do makeovers and of course she was right!  Rachel even brought makeup just for this purpose, which I thought was soo sweet and thoughtful!

I also thought it was quite gutsy that Rachel would suggest this right before we went to eat.

I think they both turned out beautifully!

So the next day my sister left and took part of my heart with her like always.  :(

And after getting home from the airport, Kassidy brought me this note with some money attached.

Thank You!  For your hospitality, groceries, gas, water & laundry load!  now... SPEND ME!  (or save me)

I am not showing the note because I wanted to point out anything about my hospitality but because:

1) How sweet is my sister?!?!  She is so thoughtful.  I hope she always knows and feels like we would welcome her into our home any time because my home is her home also.

2) I think the art of notes/letters is lost and they are super amazing!  I need to really work on sending more notes and letters even to just tell someone they are on my mind and in my heart.  I also really need to work on leaving notes for my husband and daughter.  I think they warm the heart and refresh the spirit.  I will get some sticky notes and start leaving notes!

3) This was the first note/letter/anything that I have ever received from someone who has stayed at my house.  I don't think that's because we haven't been good hosts before... not that we have been anywhere near amazing, but I think it is more because we (at least everyone in our family) have lost the art of hospitality.  Giving and receiving.  I know that the last few times we have been guests at different family member's houses I have meant to send a Thank You note but I never have.  I don't want anyone who visits me to ever feel like they need to send me a letter/note/etc because I always want my home to be comfortable, relaxing, fun, enjoyable and always open to guests.  But, I will try and always let someone know how much I appreciate them opening their home to us. 

 I am going to save my first little note because it warms my heart, refreshes my spirit, continues to remind me of my sister, makes me want to show better hospitality, and reminds me to be a more gracious and acknowledging guest.   

Do you have any tips on remembering to send out cards/letters/notes?  Have you ever received a little note that meant so much to you?

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