Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doodle Dice Review

We LOVE this game!!!  Santa actually brought it this last Christmas and we never really played it until a couple weeks ago when my sister was here.  We played it maybe 8 times while she was here and have played it several times since. 

Now, obviously I do not have a very "followed" blog yet so people/companies are not knocking down my door to get me to review products.  Neither did JAX, the makers of Doodle Dice.  I contacted them.  I wrote a note, just a simple comment, last night telling them how much we loved their game. 
This is part of what I wrote:
if you have any coupons for other JAX games I would love to use them and/or if you would like to send me any other game to try out and review on my blog I would love to do that also.  Writing that part of the note was really intimidating to me since I am never really upfront about asking for things, but I figured 1) I would never get a response back, 2) it really doesn't matter since I will never meet them and 3) that I have heard people say to just ask and many will send you coupons.   

So when I got up this morning I assumed that a reply email from the company was just saying that they would get back to me within 24-48 hours, blah, blah, blah.  But!  It was an actual email, from an actual-real-life woman, who thanked me for taking time to thank them for their game.  Her email was really sweet and she said that a package of their other games was going to be sent out to me today!!  She never mentioned one thing about my blog, but just said thanks for sharing our love of the game with others.  How awesome is that?!?! 

I was going to write a review whether I heard from JAX or not because we really do love the game!  But now in addition to having a great game I know that they have awesome customer service as well!

So the game... (is great)

Ages 6 and up.  It's said to be for 2-6 players, but since you can steal cards from other players I don't see why you can't play with as many players as you want.  You roll the dice 3 times... alot like Yahtzee... and try to make a doodle.  The above has some of the cards... there are lots of the purple cards which are the hardest since they take all 6 dice.  There are only 6 orange cards, which only take 1 die to make.  You need to collect one of each colored cards in order to win.  You draw a new card each time (we dealt out the cards to each player).  We also put them in order of color to make it easier visually.  There are extra roll and block a turn cards also to make it a little more fun.   
Simple but so fun!!

These are some of my favorites... Singing in the Rain, Pine Tree, Flower, Hot Soup, Twins, and Squiggle.  The names and doodles are really creative and cute.  Kassidy had lots of fun making her own creations, too!
This is one of my other favorites... an elephant.  My cards also show Spanish and French (?) translations.
What are you trying for?!?!
We played as soon as she woke up hence the crazy hair (there is a Bed Head card!!) and pjs.

Final thoughts:  Your family would LOVE this game also.  I looked for the cheapest way to buy it on several different sites and every single one had the full 5 stars given!  That's impressive to me!  My sister and I switched it up and made it a little more competitive by having to collect two different colored cards and on each turn you could collect more than one card.
I am actually buying another Doodle Dice game today for my little sister, who will be turning 7 in a few weeks.  Here is a link to Ebates, which is an awesome company that simply because you click through their site to get to a store will give you a percentage of your purchase back in cash.  Just check it out!!

Here is a link to Target's site, who has the cheapest Doodle Dice when you add in the shipping costs.  It is $13.98 total!!  Great game and great company!!! 

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